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Home of the Cane Corso CCAA 2009 National Specialty Working Dog of the Year

We are proud members of the AKC Foundation Stock Service and the Cane Corso Association of America

We are proud members of the AKC Foundation Stock Service and the Cane Corso Association of America


Cane Corso Puppies Available - Champion Cane Corso Breeder

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Welcome to Antico Cane Corso, where we are committed to breeding Cane Corsos for excellence.  If you're not familiar with the majestic breed of Cane Corsos, you can search our site for further details regarding bringing home your own Cane Corso puppy, the benefits of training, and the history of the Italian mastiff breed itself. 





            Special Thanks to her owners, Roger & Judy Murphy for this special opportunity




                                           Special Thanks to our trainer, Scott Nelson




                                            Breeder-Owner Handled   


New AKC Obedience Title: Antico Tangerine Baby, RN, CD


                                      Special Thanks to our trainer, Scott Nelson

         Antico Veni Viti Vici Places Best of Winners Vallejo, CA


                                           Breeder-Owner Handled

    Antico Second Wave Places Best of Opposite Sex Vallejo, CA

blue bos

                                            Breeder-Owner Handled     

    Antico Veni Viti Vici Places Best of Winners Vallejo, CA

vicci bow

                                         Breeder-Owner Handled

If you interested in obtaining more information on these Cane Corso Italian Mastiff puppies, give us a call for details on our Cane Corso puppies for sale.  We can be reached at  530-215-5012,  and have plenty of pictures available for viewing.

As a leading Northern California Cane Corso breeder, we focus on bringing new life through Champion and Grand Champion bloodlines in the United States as well as Italy.  All of our Cane Corso puppies for sale are AKC  registered and our breed stock competes in Conformation and Obedience events lending their offspring to have proven show and working potential.  ALL of our canines used for breeding purposes are tested for health, temperament, and conformational correctness before breeding, and we breed for these attributes.  Health records are available upon request.


            NEW AKC CHAMPION: Antico's First Storm 

storm newch

                                            Breeder- Owner Handled

Antico's Contessa Sofia Places Best of Winners AKC Dixon, CA

tessa bow


                                        Owned By Roger & Judy Murphy

NEW AKC CHAMPION: Castleguard's Titan di Antico, CGC, CD, RA 

titan newch

                                            Owner Handled

Antico's Cane Corso Tangerine Baby Places Group 4 Bred by Exhibitor Santa Rosa, CA

 shera group4

                                            Breeder-Owner Handled

NEW RALLY NOVICE TITLE: Antico's Tangerine Baby at 9 mos old!

shera new rn

                                           Breeder-Owner Handled

NEW AKC CHAMPION: Castleguard's Leona di Antico, CGC, CD, RE, TEC1, ROM

Antico's First Storm Places Best Bred by Exhibitor Cane Corso AKC Eukanuba National Championship, Long Beach CA 

storm bbbe
                                             Breeder-Owner Handled

With that said, our main reason for breeding Cane Corso puppies is that we truly love this amazingly loyal breed and hope to have many as members of our own family for generations to come.  We feel that a true Cane Corso (sometimes mis-spelled Kane Corso) should be strong, yet gentle; discerning, yet confident.  Above all, this canine companion should be a well-rounded and loyal member of the family.  Before choosing this dog as the breed you wish to bring into your home, we recommend that you search through our site to obtain the details that will help you successfully interact with members of this mastiff breed.

Antico's First Storm Places Group 3 Bred by Exhibitor AKC Eugene, OR 


                                            Breeder-Owner Handled


NEW AKC Obedience Title: Mad River's Reba di Antico, CGC, CD     *1st Place, 9 mos old!

 reba newcd

                                            Owner Handled


A Cane Corso is a large-boned, muscular breed of dog that is powerful in presence. It is one of two native Italian Mastiff dogs which have descended from the Roman canis Pugnaces. The name itself, Cane Corse, comes from the Latin "Cohors", meaning "Guardian" and "Protector".

Although Cane Corsos are naturally protective, they are a gentle breed that is known for being extremely loyal and affectionate; which means that a Cane Corso puppy would be a great addition to a family with children. This dog will be highly intelligent and trainable. Due to the size and natural instincts characteristic of the breed, it is important that those seeking to own a Cane Corso commit to socialization and training while their new family member is a puppy. With proper training and socialization, you will be treated to the very best your Cane Corso has to offer!

Premier Cane Corso Breeder and Enthusiast in California

Our Cane Corso Mastiff puppies come with a health guarantee, tails docked -ears upon request, current shots and wormings, and a lifetime of customer support; it is important to us to bring you unsurpassed quality by bettering the Cane Corso Italian Mastiff breed.

Browse our site to view available cane corso puppies for sale, as well as our male and female champion corsos. If you have any questions regarding the Cane Corso, we are happy to speak with you personally @ 530-215-5012.

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