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At Antico (meaning ancient in Italian), we are home to the ancient Italian Mastiff, the Cane Corso. A medium-large size molosser breed, the corso is a true companion, protector, and guardian of the family.

As a working breed, a Cane Corso relies on interaction through intensive socialization, training, and bonding to live up to their fullest potential. Although a Cane Corso can be a great addition to a family and home, it is highly important that the owners of a Cane Corso are committed to the training required so that this powerful breed knows what is expected of them.  Also, as a guardian breed, corsi do not fair well to being confined to a kennel or small space, or alone without contact for several hours during the day. Therefore, before deciding if a Cane Corso is right for you, you might want to ask yourself if you have the time, space, and energy needed to ensure your Cane Corso a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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Patrick and Kate Haenni 
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